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[pct-l] pct around mt. hood?

Just to clarify since this area is my volunteer route for Wilderness Steward, there are two places in this area where you can cross the Sandy River. The PCT2000/#600 trail around the mountain has no bridge. It is almost 3 miles up from the parking lot for the Ramona Falls trail loop and about 1/2 mile from the falls.  It is subject to rapid water height changes since it is glacier fed. This has never been bridged and people cross on logs or ford it. It is considered a potentially dangerous water crossing. This is where the hiker was killed.

The other Sandy River crossing is 3/4 of a mile up the Rqamona Falls trail from the parking lot and has a temporary bridge from about May to October. This bridge washed out this spring but was replaced within about a week or so. This is the bridge referred to in the FS website.

The lower Muddy Fork crossing going up to Bald Mountain outside the Wilderness boundary now has a temporary bridge as the old one got undercut and fell last year. The upper Muddy Fork which is the "old" PCT/Timberline trail is not bridged and is also considered potentially hazarous.

All this is very confusing when you are looking at the signs as the FS has the lower route marked as the PCT mostly because stock is not allowed on the upper #600 trail.


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I checked recently via the Mt. Hood NF website on trail conditions for the
Timberline Trail. It says that the bridge across the Sandy River accessing
Ramona Falls had been washed out, but will soon be replaced. In a confusing
note, however, it also says that this will not affect either the Timberline
Trail or the PCT.

Isn't the trail that goes past Ramona Falls, around Yocum Ridge, and across
the Muddy Fork the PCT? The website makes it seems that it is not. So what's
the actual route?


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