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[pct-l] pct I-10 to Mission Creek

Clear Day
-----Hi just got in from the trail. I started from the I-10 on Thursday at 1400 hrs.and finished at Mission Creek trail camp this morning, Sunday the 29th at 0800 hrs. Yes I am slow but I made it even with the 102 degrees Friday afternoon, thank GOD for umbrellas. I followed the PCT day hikes book. Never do this hike in August and never start in the late afternoon! I did enjoy this a lot even though I was alone. One thing about the day hikes book, they say, "gradually climbs the last 7.2 miles" there is no gradual from 1360' elevation up to 7965' and my GPS said 8013' where my car was parked at the trail head at Mission Creek. At this time of year a lot of the trail was overgrown and hard to find. Whitewater was flowing beautifully and so was Mission Creek. Thank GOD for that I resupplied water four times. I definitely have to cut my base weight of 35lbs, that and my water, I was pushing 55lbs. I can't believe how many PCT posts are all chopped up. What did somebody need fire wood? I give a lot of credit to those of you who keep the trail up. I don't know how you can do the hike and then work too. Well all in all it was a good hike and I am very happy to be able to say I did it especially in august.            HYOH   yours truly   Ground Pounder Bill      60yrs +