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[pct-l] pct around mt. hood?

Judson -

The route encircling Mt Hood is comprised of the Timberline Trail (#600) and
PCT (#2000) making a 41 mile loop. If starting at Timberline Lodge (6000'
elevation) and doing the loop in a clockwise direction, the PCT drops down
to 2800' or so to cross the Sandy River in 9.4 miles. There is no bridge at
this crossing. Ramona Falls is less than a mile further, on Loop trail #797.
To get off the trail and to cars parked at the Ramona Falls parking lot is
about 2 miles further on 797, then out 1.5 miles on #770. I think this is
where the reference to the washed out bridge applies - I think this trail
crosses the Sandy on a bridge.

I did the loop in counter-clockwise direction last weekend. I crossed the
Sandy at 2 PM Saturday and it was about 18" deep and no problem. A downpour
began 9 PM Saturday, and continued. More than 10" of rain fell thereafter,
and crossing the Sandy then would have been frightening-at-best. I gotta
believe this is what happened to the woman who died there on Monday. She was
hiking solo, so the details will never be known.