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[pct-l] hello fellow outdoors people!

I've read through some of the archives on this list, and I thought I
would say hello and introduce myself. My name is Eric, I'm 26, live in
San Diego, and will be attempting a thru-hike in 2005. I have a friend
who may or may not be able to go with me, which should get cleared up
in a couple of weeks.

Additionally, I've heard of how many other people you bump into along
the way, although I am starting a bit late (May 30th 2005; it's when
my semester is over).

I've been backpacking and climbing since I was 12, mainly up in the
high desert / sierras, and then in New England (Presidential / White
Mountains) when I was in the Navy out there.

If anyone needs any support in the San Diego area, let me know. I know
the town pretty well, live in downtown (near the airport, bus station,
major trolley station, and train station), and am eager to be a part
of the great hospitality that I've heard so much of.

Anyway, that's me, and there you go :-) Anyone else heading out in 2005?