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[pct-l] Supported Treks

ROYROBIN@aol.com wrote:

>In a message dated 8/23/04 4:44:22 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
>casatre@comcast.net writes:
>>I am new to Seattle and was wondering if anyone knows of any supported 
>>on the PCT??  I no longer can/want to carry all my gear.  I prefer to do
>>treks in Washington or Oregon.  Can anyone help?  Thank You Carol
>Llama Lady, Hikes-with-Goats, where are you?
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Llamalady checking in. Just returned from my August section hike with 5 
llamas who carried all our gear. That is the route I chose to go in 1997 
when fibromyalgia (chronic and not treatable) made it too painful to 
carry a pack. It takes patience and a love of animals to hike with pack 
stock. It's a lot like hiking with very small children, except these 
weigh 400 pounds. When they are acting up, you can't just pick them up 
and remove them from the situation.
A quarter of all the llamas in the US live in Oregon. Maybe there are 
commercial llama packers in Oregon or Washington who would support you 
on the PCT. I don't know--I don't do anything commercial with my llamas.
I met hikers on the JMT this year who were hiking the whole JMT, 
carrying small day packs, while the rest of their gear was carried on a 
pack string that met them each night. I bet that costs megabucks.