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[pct-l] Pacific Nth West Rain

Good evening, Lonetrail,

You were close to the right age.  I'm almost 21 ... for the third time.  When I reached 21 the first time I asked myself if I really wanted to grow up.  The answer was "No!", so I just reset the clock and started over.  The same thing happened the second time, and I am beginning to see that answer again as I push the third time around.

Do you want to know what really ticks me off about young people these days?  I'm not one of them.

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  Dam it Steel Eye I thought you were in your twenties when I read your posting

    Good evening, all you fellow NW rain-lovers,

    I started tromping parts of the old Oregon Skyline Trail, that eventually
    became the PCT, back in the mid '60s.  I can testify that the hills were no
    steeper then than they are now.  They only seem steeper to me now because it
    takes longer to go up.  I agree with Pat McManus about why:  The hole in the
    ozone layer is letting in too much gravity.  My wife has another theory
    about why I've slowed down, but its just too ridiculous to discuss.

    I wish I would have thru-hiked then.  Not because the trail was then really
    a trail, but because Steel-Eye was then really Steel-Eye.