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[pct-l] solo traveler


I go solo most of the time but meet up with interesting people. Bryan 
Robertson just whizzed right by me. He did introduce himself I wished I took a 
picture of him, Other will stop to chat a little. I find that most of the thru 
hikers end up in packs "like wolves" I just had pizza at one of the passes in Or. 
and the word go out along the trail to stop and have pizza there that night. 
There were about four packs there averaging four to a pack. Well, it was 
interesting that each pack choose to eat separate from the others. I guest it's our 
animal instinct I had the pleasure to eat that night Billy Goat, also True and 
her dog Timber. 

Don't worry if your young and fast you will find a pack to run with. I'm slow 
and old so I mostly hike solo. I really enjoy the culture that develops 
amongst the thru hikers. A great bunch of people.
 It does not bother me to hike and camp alone. Alone is miss leading when I 
get ready to find a camping spot I check the trail for foot prints, bears 
mountain lions, etc. The forest is busy at night with nocturnal animals on the 
prowl. I wake up the next morning and everything is what is was like when I went 
asleep. I do try keep a clean campsite. which is important. Have a great 
adventure when you do this wonderful trail in 05?

Some people buy a second home, Boats, RVs, etc., my second home is the PCT.

Hey, I just joined the PCTA after having thought about this trip for a while. 
 Despite loneliness issues and quiet nights, are there any qualms with 
traveling the trail alone?  Is it too dangerous to attempt a thru-hike solo or is it 
better to team up with a crew... and if a crew, how many people is ideal and 
does anyone want another tag-along for a 2005 trip...

I appreciate any feedback, advice, or comments... Thanks.