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[pct-l] solo traveler

Dave - if you start at the end of April or beginning of May, you won't be 
entirely alone, especially if you start at the time of the Kick Off Party.  
In any case, you will leapfrog other hikers the entire journey.  You may 
find compatible spirits and choose to hike with them for a while, or you may 
just see them in towns and in passing on the trail.  There are also a lot of 
weekenders and section hikers on the PCT, except in the far south, so most 
of the way you really won't feel as alone as you think.  There will be 
people to talk to.  It's not like the CDT.  The main place that it is nice 
to hike in a group is through the Sierras, and if you reach them at the 
normal time (mid-June) then there will be plenty of other hikers to hike 
with over the passes.  We hiked around a large group from Forrester Pass to 
Tuolemne, picking up a couple of solo hikers as partners for part of the 
Sierras.  After Tuolemne, everyone went their own way.

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