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[pct-l] solo traveler

I am also planning on a solo this coming year.  However, "Solo" seems to be
kind of a misused term on the PCT unless you are hiking extremely slow or
fast or leave extremely early or late according to most of the journal
entries I've read.
The area I am most concerned about is the early season high sierras because
it seems that many of the passes are still snowbound in the early season.
Having hiked a few of them in the summer, I will definitely be taking an ice
axe and will try to hook-up with other hikers as much as possible for pass
I will also be using a sanctioned bear canister for most of the sierras both
to be legal and to avoid having to deal with loss of food with no back-up.

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Hey, I just joined the PCTA after having thought about this trip for a
while.  Despite loneliness issues and quiet nights, are there any qualms
with traveling the trail alone?  Is it too dangerous to attempt a thru-hike
solo or is it better to team up with a crew... and if a crew, how many
people is ideal and does anyone want another tag-along for a 2005 trip...
I appreciate any feedback, advice, or comments... Thanks.

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