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[pct-l] Pacific Nth West Rain

Good evening, all you Pacific NW rain-lovers,

Last year everyone bitched because the trail was too dry and the forests
were burning.  Now its too wet.  It just goes to show that, on the average,
its perfect.

Back in the mid '60s I started tromping parts of the old Oregon Skyline
trail, which eventually became the Oregon PCT.  I can testify that the hills
were no steeper then than they are now.  In fact, they seem steeper now
because I go up more slowly.  I agree with Pat McManus about why:  The hole
in the ozone layer is letting in too much gravity.  My wife has another
theory about why I've slowed down, but its just too ridiculous to discuss.

I wish I would have thru-hiked in those early days, not because the trail
was then really a trail, but because Steel-Eye was then really Steel-Eye.

Enjoy ...


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> Best regards,
> Strider
> P.S. Just remember, the packs were heavier, the snow was deeper, the
> were hotter, the mosquitos were bigger, the sky was bluer, the passes were
> higher and the rain was heavier in '77! ;-)
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