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[pct-l] Pacific Nth West Rain

Nope....the passs were 1.435 inches SHORTER in 1977...


At 11:18 PM -0000 8/25/04, Bighummel@aol.com wrote:
>A couple days of rain make the hardest day ever?  Try 9 days and nights of
>straight constant rain in 1977.  Two groups quit just a few hundred miles
>of the border after sitting in their tent for 4 days straight.
>My partner and I each had a two man double wall tent so that we could bring
>all of our gear inside in these situations and it and we still became
>completely soaked through regardless.  The double wall tents handled
>condensation in
>this cold rain pretty well and my first edition polarguard bag, though clammy
>moist still kept me warmer than my partner's wet down bag. We walked from
>50 miles north of Mt. Rainier all of  the way to a day north of Kennedy Hot
>Springs in the rain, because, well, there wasn't anything else to do;
>20 to 25 miles per day.  We took a zero day at Kennedy Hot Springs in the
>shed because it offered the best shelter from the rain that we had found.  We
>hung our tents upside down from the rafters and the sleeping bags over some
>piles of cut wood in the hopes of drying out but the humidity was 100% (of
>course) and they just dripped the solid water off.  We ran into a couple
>that had
>come over from England to hike in the PNW for 7 days in late August.  They
>were walking out as it was their 7th day and it had rained on them the entire
>time.  They were pretty upset.
>On the tenth morning the sun came out and dried our tents and sleeping bags
>out.  We strung all of our clothes out to dry in the first few hours also.
>were camped on one of the high ridges on the north side of Glacier Peak and
>all of the peaks surrounding us in the panoramic view were all capped in
>Now, THAT was one of the BEST days of the hike!
>Best regards,
>P.S. Just remember, the packs were heavier, the snow was deeper, the deserts
>were hotter, the mosquitos were bigger, the sky was bluer, the passes were
>higher and the rain was heavier in '77! ;-)
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