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[pct-l] Thru Hiker Whereabouts

Well it is not only Washington that got the rain, I have just come out of
the Sawtooth Mountains here in Idaho that had gale force winds and rain
coming each way. It sounded like two big jets coming right at you.

After four days of it, I hiked out with a sleeping bag sopping wet, and
everything else too.  A tarptent with no floor just did not cut it.  The
ground was so saturated that the wind blew out the tent stakes. The water
just puddled on my new Gossamer ground sheet and stayed there. The trails
were running water. It even snowed in Stanley, ID which is usually the area
of most trailheads.  I cannot believe that this all happened to me.

Think I have become complacent with my base weight etc. A had a Shires
tarptent without floor. A WM Ultralight bag good to 25 degrees. My ULA P1
pack. Sleep Pad 3/4 Z Rest  My long Capilene top and bottom, A light weight
fleece, hat and gloves and my Frogg Toggs top and bottom and one pair of
extra socks with Salomon Light weight airy shoes.  My feet were sopping wet
for two days and two nights. Nothing ever dried out. And of course Kitchen,
pot and Esbits etc. Food and toiletries. Sil nylon pack cover and all stuff
bags were silnylon.

Hope this storm which appears to have been all over the Northwest gets
itself blown out before I am out again.

Marge   [The Old Gal]

Sly wrote:
I don't get it.  I don't remember that section of trail to be the "toughest 
100 miles" on the trail.  It's probably the most benign in Washington. Oh, 
it's the rain!
Eric wrote:
Well, it's been some pretty nasty rain.  The kind of rain that's quite
typical for Washington in winter, but unusual for August.  I imagine they're
quite bedraggled after all that.  I've been looking out my window for five
days now thinking, "Oh, those poor, poor thu-hikers . . ."  It should start
drying up on Friday.