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[pct-l] Multiuse Gear

Tent + Pack Combo:

Feasible? - certainly, as witnessed by the URL below, but I'd love to know
how many they've sold and the reate of customer satisfaction.

Practical? - maybe, during good weather, but who really needs a shelter then
(bug protection notwithstanding).

Wise?  Not in my book! I don't think I'd want to be trying to pack (or
unpack) one of those things in the rain or snow. I like keeping my gear
dry - especially my sleeping bag and spare clothes - during a long trek.
However, that's a decision each of us must make for ourselves.

Multi-use is a fine concept but logic demands that at some point, safety
over-rides convenience. I'll gladly carry my shelter and rain gear as
separate items, even knowing that they are interchangeable (redundant) if
something destroyed one of them enroute.

Wandering Bob

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 How feasible would a combo pack/tent be?

Too late!