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[pct-l] Multiuse Gear

The below can be seen to be too complicatedl.   The base pack involves four
items; the pack, the sleeping quilt, the tent, and the sleeping pad...

This is the foundation of all that is technologically possible. Six pounds
for these four items is the current state of the art.  Sure there are the
freaques who can get it down to four pounds.  But they define the
self-flagellating end of the continuum.

The comfort end involves a fully self-enclosed tent, a pad, and a sleeping
quilt  that in the tent, on the sleeping pad, is way too warm...

The self-sufficient solo hiker keeps his/her feet outside.  That's the
bottom line for long distance competence.  If you haven't already discovered
you not only like, but truly love, sleeping with your feet outside the
sleeping quilt, you need to continue to work out... :0)

long distance hiking is individual - yes...  However, the basic six pounds
each of us, you and "I" decide are  necessary, is a common frame for
discussion....  What do you think????

Six pounds.  That's the base.  No more, no less...

Jeffrey, waiting for the onslaught....:0)

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> Someone wants to know about the concept of multiple-use gear. So I thought
> I'd toss out a few potential items and look at how they can be used for
> multiple purposes. They may or may not be what you carry, but you can
> the analogy to your own gear. Simply start looking at each item of gear
> ask yourself how can I use it in multiple ways. If you begin to discover
> duplications you can find ways to reduce your gear. You may also discover
> you need to change your gear over time in order take advantage of
> multiple-use. For example if your tent doesn't work with a hiking pole,
> may want to upgrade to one that does.
> Item -  Uses / Day Use / Night Use / Camp Use / Rest stop. / Town Use
> ----------- --------------------------------------------------------------
> Hiking Pole - 4 / Obvious / Tent or tarp pole / Digging Cat holes to
> eliminate trowel. / Hold up pack to use as chair /
> Sleeping Pad - 4 / Use as primary suspension of pack / Sleep on / Sit Pad
> Layout and rest on /
> Hiking Shoes (lightweight Breathable) - / Hiking & stream crossing /
> Foundation for pillow if set correctly / camp shoes /
> Food bag with food - 2 / NA / Use as pillow / NA / NA / NA
> Poncho - 4 / Rain Gear / Ground cloth or tarp / NA / NA / NA
> Rain Gear - 3 / Rain or wind protection / Partial VB liner for cold nights
> Rain-wind / Rain-wind / worn while doing laundry
> Sleeping Bag - 3 / NA / Sleeping / Pot Cozy or extra insulation layer / NA
> NA
> Backpack - 4 / Carry your gear / Extra padding and insulation when using
> short pads / Chair / Chair / Day pack
> These are just a few brainteasers that will hopefully stimulate your
> thoughts on how to make your gear more productive. You can have lots of
> endlessly parsing your gear list to maximize your packs efficiency.
> Have fun,
> -- Fallingwater
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