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[pct-l] Food Tip

How did you come to use Smart Water? Did you try a bunch of electrolyte 
replacement drinks and choose this one as the one that worked the best?

Hiker97@aol.com wrote:
> I have come across some good backpacking foods.
> 1.  SAM'S Choice Tropical trail mix.   Excellent balance between nuts and 
> fruits.  Get at Walmart in the snack section.  Very good.
> 2.  At Trader Joe's health food stores.  The Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookies 
> and the Vegan Trail Mix Cookies.  Very good and powerful for a trail energy 
> boost.  
> 3.  Don't forget the Glaceau Smart Water (clear type) flavored water (6 
> flavors) for the trail.  I use about 2 quarts for 6 miles in the local mountains.  
> Then I use filtered stream water for rest of the trip.  On short hikes the 
> Smart Water is absolutely great.  Check it out.  Get at Wild Oats and Whole Foods 
> stores.  Tip - buy at Wild Oats by the case and get another 10% off.  I drink 
> it all the time at home too.
> All these have the Switchback seal of approval.  Ha, ha, ha.  Happy trails, 
> Switchback.
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