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[pct-l] 1974 thru hiker

No, this man who you spoke to at 2:00am would not have been my  husband.  
First of all, he doesn't speak about his treks unless asked and  second, 2:00am 
is well past our bedtime as we are raising three teenagers and  are exhausted 
at that point.
By the way, one of these teenagers, our son Matt, snowcamps every  winter in 
Desolation with his dad.  They pull Mountainsmith sleds(my  husband, at 47, 
pulls a 7-foot, 100-pound sled, while Matt, 18, pulls  a 4-foot sled... go 
fiqure.) while our samoyed dog leaps into  lakes looking for imaginary conquest. I 
keep trying to sugest that  maybe the dog should pull the sled but my husband 
enjoys his antics too  much.
I would have gone, but I took a spill off my arabian horse last  year and 
broke my pelvis.  I am on the mend and hope to be out with  them soon enjoying 
whiteouts, my husbands mac and cheese and the endless  antics of our dog 
"snowball."  This is the only time my husband cooks for  me. We have a much better 
time than any 5-star hotel vacation. Hope  you have gathered by now that I love 
winter camping over summer.
Just to note, when we instruct public school kids about food  preparation for 
backpacking, thats my department. He is still back  in the 70's before butter 
buds!  His favorite drink is still tang,  yuck.
Lady J