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[pct-l] Brawny Backpacker Sought

I would like to hire someone to hike the last 350 miles of the PCT (WA
State, white pass to Mannin Park, BC).

I recently had to cut my trip short because I have severe plantar
faschitits.  I need someone to carry the bulk of my load plus their load. It
could be a great opportunity for the right individual.

I have 14 years of backpacking experience and advanced wilderness skills.
I'm not a fast hiker, will probably start out at 8 miles a day and work up
to about 16 miles per day, but I'm very self sufficient and can filter my
own water, make my own camp, and cook my own food.

If you are strong enough to carry my gear (15lbs before bear vaulted food,
fuel, and water) and would like to make some cash doing it, please write to
me directly.  In addition to a paid salary, I'll provide hot meals at
re-supply stops and at the end of the trail (snoqualamie pass, Stehekin,
Manning Park BC.)

Ideally I'd like to leave on or before September 1st, finishing
approximately October 1st.

Laid off?  Got a month you'd love to spend hiking the PCT but didn't think
you could afford to go?  Got a few extra muscles?  Please email me and we'll