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[pct-l] water at Oregon Hwy 140 crossing?

Greetings from a long-time list lurker and section hiker.

I'm home cleaning gear, buying trail food, fuel, etc for another week or so
before getting back on the trail at Ashland. A question for Those Who Know

Hwy 140 (northbound mile 1775.8) at "junction to large trailhead parking
lot" is listed in the data book with an unambiguous "W".

The guidebook, however, mentions no water here other than the *very*
seasonal Cascade Canal at the actual highway crossing. Which means I'm
looking at 25 miles from there to the next on-trail water, or, a spur
out-and-back to fetch some off-trail.

Unlike a lot of people, I'm not planning a detour to Fish Lake. So this
one's a critical one to me. I may have to plan for laying a small cache
there  ... (I'm sorely tempted to go to Costco and get three cases of cheap
bottled water, leave one there, one at the highway north of Crater Lake's
boundary prior to Mt. Thielsen Wilderness and one at Windigo Pass ... so
the rest of my weenie section hiker buds can drink to their hearts content
without having to hike a mile off the trail to get it ...)

Thank you in advance for your consideration.