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[pct-l] Back in Idaho

Well fires chased me out of the North Cascades again, so I chose to come
back home to Idaho.
On  the final section you could hike up to Cuthroat Pass and were then
turned back.  Or you could hitch to Harts Pass  and hike from there to
Manning Park.  Did not like any of those options and I am hopeful the fires
will be out by the time the thru hikers get there.

Hiked in the Stevens Pass area one day and looked for any hiker who might
need a ride to Skykomish.  Saw no one.  Also yesterday coming over
Snoqualmie Pass I stopped and read the trail journal.  Saw where Scot
Williamson went thru and now is hiking South and he made his second entry in
the register quite a few days ago.  He should be running through Oregon now.
He talked about taking the "road walk" around the detours.  I did not know
there was a way, but maybe there is lots of old Forest Service road that
might connect. Also he was ahead of the fires in the No. Cascades.

Am going out into the Sawtooths for a few days and then in the Wallowas.

Marge   [The Old Gal]