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[pct-l] Crater Lake to Elk Lake


Just completed this section got of trail Saturday. A lot of Mosquitoes and 
bad tasting water.

Meet a lot of thru hikers.

Rader, Scote, Iceman, True and her dog Timber. Meadow Mary & Billy Goat, 
Gordon & Sue, Mt. Manna, Mt. Rose, Old Steady, Young Steady, Laundry Mat, Magnum, 
Cloud Walker, The Killer Bees from Cincinnati Ohio,
And one S. bound 1-80. There were more but can't remember their names.

Some of us had Pizza at Route 58. Man it is inspiring to see these young 
people doing 30 plus miles a day. Everyone looked great. True did the AT last year 
with her dog Timber and it looks like she will finish the PC. Billy Goat and 
his wife Meadow Mary do a lot to help others on the trail.  Mary has an RV and 
hangs out at the trail head passing out fruit and water..
I want to thank the two young women who picked me up at Elk Lake and drove me 
to Bend. At Bend I got picked up by a homeless person. This is the second 
time last fall I was picked up by a homeless women at Truckee and drove me to 
Tahoe. While standing there hitch hiking a homeless person came up and offered me 
a candy bar. I walked into a store in Bend, Or. that sells Hot Tubs to ask 
direction and the manager told me to get out. "They don't want homeless people 
in there store" It was right across from Jake's Truck stop. Give him the finger 
if you go by the store. I returned the favor by picking up a homeless man 
while driving back

Lonetrail " Doing well at 75"