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[pct-l] VVR

My experience with VVR was also very positive & if I had my journals updated
on trail journals I'd direct you there! 

Reading the PCT hiker log at Red's Meadow as we headed south it seemed like
the two biggest complaints were attitude and lack of ice cream.  I can write
off the lack of Ice cream to the distance they must have to haul it.  They
had snicker's ice cream bars which maybe keeps better than your regular Ice
cream, but the attitude...

The new, (as of the last few years) owner was a little clueless but I found
his right hand woman, who ran the store was sharp and pretty good humored.
The cook was a hoot and Dave and Carol, the Ferry driver and the housekeeper
among many other duties, were awesome.

Our experience, although kind of spendy, (but expected) was positive.
People need to realize they're in a trailer-trash fishing camp in the middle
of nowhere and not expect the 4 seasons.

For what it was we thoroughly enjoyed it & would do it all over again -
including the barbequed tri-tip!