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[pct-l] VVR

My experience was also very good in 2003, when Snickers and I went through on a 10 day trip. This place was great to kick it with the other hikers, get some good grub and go on your way. It no doubt was a factor in enticeing me to do the PCT in 2005. 
I look forward to it in next year.
-Mountain Goat-

David Davis <atvet@sbcglobal.net> wrote:
Prior to my section hike the first two weeks of August, there was a lot of negative comments regarding Vermillion Valley Resort., so it was with some trepidation that I stayed there. What I found was good food, adequete lodging, resonable pricesand a friendly staff. I think the negative comments come from hikers that expect it to be run like a non profit youth hostel and their letting you build a tab with your stay. I also spent an overnight in Bishop and with that comparison, VVR was a bargin. Hre are some comparison:
Ferry Ride - a round trip is $9.00. The only thing I have to compare with is the water taxi at Echo lake which charges $10 each way, plus $5 for your dog. At VVR dogs are free.
Lodging - VVR provides a tent and a mattress free, while the Holiday Inn Express in Bishop charged $130. VVR did charge $5.00 for a shower and towel.
Laundry - VVR charges $5 per laudry with no limit on the loads or dryer time. It costs $4 to do one load of laundry at the Holiday Inn
Lunch - VVR charged around $6 for a large breakfast burrito. Red's Meadow charged $8 for a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato.
Dinner - I had a great rack of lamb dinner at VVR for $17.95, which is more than comparable at most big city restaurants.

When I left VVR they presented me a tab for about $100. If the town of Bishop had given me a tab when I got to the the city limits, I would have had to pay over $200 when I left. Plus VVR was filled with hiker companionship.

All the othe stops on the PCT are at least with in delivery range of commercial vehicles. Nobody delivers to VVR, all food and drink have to be hauled in from at least 2 hours away.

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