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[pct-l] Introduction

The CDT in northern Wyoming has a couple of interesting local names.
1) The town of Dubois is pronounced "DOO-boys", but the (ex?) governor of
the state of Wyoming is du-BWA, spelled the same way.
2) The river Popo Agie is pronounced (according to a Dubois resident)
"Pope-a-jay". It is interesting to hear the non-locals calling it
3) And across the border is Lima. In good old California we call it LEEma.
In Montana it is LYEma.

Now we ask about suspect names before showing our ignorance. But we still
get fooled somtimes.


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> >>Agua Dulce: didn't you take 7th grade Spanish?=)
> >>AH-gwuh DULL-say, if you're
> If you can't tell by my last name, my ancestry is
> Italian. (Abruzzese if you wanna really be precise.
> :D)
> Anyway, I took 9th and 10th grade Italian. (My
> homestate of RI has a population where almost 1 out
> every 5  people is of that ancestry. Many high schools
> offer Italian in addtion to Spanish and French).
> Learned to say "Mi nome e Paolo"  to go with the more
> "colorful" words that somehow stayed in the
> vernacular. Fifteen years later, I still remember the
> more "colorful" dialect words but alas not the many
> verbs Mrs. DiPrete tried to to have us conjugate.
> To wrap up this little conversation, what did I do
> when I saw the Spanish names in So. Cal? By default
> ended up pronouncing them the  wrong way! Instead of
> "gringo style" pronoucned them in an odd combo of a
> person from the Northeast attempting to speak Italian
> attempting to speak Spanish. :-)
> Agua Dulce became "Ah-qwa Dol-chay" for example. I am
> sure the locals cringed way too often. All was better
> again when I arrived in northern California and points
> futher north. Merely tried to pronounce English names
> in the remnants of my Rhode Island-ese way of
> speaking. Debatable which way was harder for other
> people to understand. ;-D
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