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[pct-l] Re: stoves

I dunno what all the concern is about the use of stoves.  I don't even 
use one.  I just find the tallest and prettiest green tree around and 
chop it down for an abundant source of firewood.  After I get a nice 
big 4' thick section of trunk burning nice and hot, I throw on all the 
lose dead wood around to get it nice and hot before I start cooking on 
it.  Don't worry though, I am following GW's "Healthy Forest" 
initiative and clearing out all the trees nearby so it doesn't 
introduce any fire hazards; I normally chop down every tree withing a 
20' diameter of my campfire just to make sure its safe.  After I am 
done cooking, I reroute a stream to dowse the campfire to make sure its 
out.  I also bury all of my tin cans, toilet paper, tin foil, motor oil 
from my chain saw, and any other garbage.  If you bury it, then it just 
goes away, right?  Anyway, that's my plan.  


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