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[BULK] - [pct-l] oilcans

Okay, let it be known here, in this forum, to be spread wide and loud amongst 
all of those great persons who are driven in their heart-felt passion to be 
proudly grouped under the label of "PCT Trail Community" that the ADZPCTKO is 
currently undergoing some serious organizational changes directly in response 
to the event's ever increasing popularity.  We have fought it tooth and nail to 
not ever get too organized because then you have to have a treasurer, and 
minute taker, and rules of procedures and all of that crap that I detest in most 
organizations. "Low key" is the term, ah, but alas we find ourselves unable to 
cope without some serious planning, configuring and positioning.

The bottom line in response to this email is that the ADZPCTKO will, 
unfortunately, no longer provide libations to the attendees, but shall now go forward 
being known as a BYOB event.  The causes of this are many but I think that all 
will recognize the underlying issue here. 

Therefore, from this point forward hereto, let all know that there shall be 
no "official brew sponser" of the ADZPCTKO, but, of course, you are free under 
the first rule of the ADZPCTKO to provide such oil can service to yourself and 
those good fellows and felines about you at the event.

Ah, hem.

Greg "Strider" Hummel

In a message dated 8/16/2004 1:15:31 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
msaenz@mve-architects.com writes:
Another aficionado of fine fermented brews!
I've often been asked: "What's an Oilcan?", and when I explain that it's
a Fosters, few know about the elusive green label...
So, to answer your question, this taste exists among a very small, yet
extremely outspoken few (I do believe it's just me, actually, but I have
received feedback from a few who are familiar with the "blue label").

Though I have a feeling Newcastle is the choice of brew of Strider (and
therefore is found in many hands at ADZPCTKO), I would be happy to lead
the effort in promoting the Green Label as the official ale of ADZPCTKO!
(for those un-enlightened, the Green Label's legal moniker is "Foster's
Special Bitter") http://beeradvocate.com/im/beers/917.jpg

How about it Greg? I'd be more than happy to introduce you to the Green
Label (but you'd have to pack your own oilcan for the first night on the
Newcastle is a worthy alternative, but being "green" fits well with our
PCT lifestyle!!!

I can see it now: Foster's Special Bitter as a co-sponsor of ADZPCTKO!
Right along side of Ron's, Brian's, Glen's & logos at ADZPCTKO!!!

Ought to be! Ought to be!!!

-Mike (a.k.a. "Oilcan")

M i c h a e l   S a e n z