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[BULK] - [pct-l] oilcans

Another aficionado of fine fermented brews!
I've often been asked: "What's an Oilcan?", and when I explain that it's
a Fosters, few know about the elusive green label...
So, to answer your question, this taste exists among a very small, yet
extremely outspoken few (I do believe it's just me, actually, but I have
received feedback from a few who are familiar with the "blue label").

Though I have a feeling Newcastle is the choice of brew of Strider (and
therefore is found in many hands at ADZPCTKO), I would be happy to lead
the effort in promoting the Green Label as the official ale of ADZPCTKO!
(for those un-enlightened, the Green Label's legal moniker is "Foster's
Special Bitter") http://beeradvocate.com/im/beers/917.jpg

How about it Greg? I'd be more than happy to introduce you to the Green
Label (but you'd have to pack your own oilcan for the first night on the
Newcastle is a worthy alternative, but being "green" fits well with our
PCT lifestyle!!!

I can see it now: Foster's Special Bitter as a co-sponsor of ADZPCTKO!
Right along side of Ron's, Brian's, Glen's & logos at ADZPCTKO!!!

Ought to be! Ought to be!!!

-Mike (a.k.a. "Oilcan")

M i c h a e l   S a e n z
McLarand Vasquez Emsiek & Partners, Inc.
A r c h i t e c t u r e    P l a n n i n g    I n t e r i o r s
w  w  w  .  m  v  e  -  a  r  c  h  i  t  e  c  t  s  .  c  o  m

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Having been an avid fan of the "Oilcan" prior to joining this list, and

seeing such fondness of them mentioned by many over the last months of
"lurking" off-screen, I want to know if this taste exists among many or
just an  
outspoken few. 
 Is the oilcan Fosters Green or Blue?  Is it the banner lubricant  of
ADZPCTKO? Ought to be! 
 Is this why, really, you guys leave the trail so often, hitch-hiking
to the 
nearest Outposts for supposed "resupplys" only to be secretly satisfying
oilcan tapeworm??
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