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[pct-l] Photons (was "Base weight Sect Hike Cascades")

FYI - there is also a 'Turquoise' color, which Photon describes as
"night vision green"...  can be used for hiking, can see almost as far
as with white, doesn't completely destroy night vision - but does affect
it a little (but DO NOT look directly into the beam!)...  battery life
is same as the white though (I believe the red and orange colors use
different batts than all the other colors/white)...  the red is better
suited for 'close' night vision work - checking map, camp chores,
digging in the pack, etc. ...  I carry two - one Turquoise and one Red
(and depending on the trip, I still might carry my LED headlamp if I'm
definitely planning on night hiking in heavy forest or with little or no
moonlight available.

Happy trails!