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[pct-l] PCT Detour around Glacier Peak

Hi.  My friend Linda and I hiked part of the PCT Detour around Glacier Peak 
on our way to High Pass this last week.  The part of the official detour we 
hiked was from the White River Trailhead up to Boulder Pass and down to the 
Napeequa, where we turned away from the detour.  Here is a small report.  
The trail is well marked by temporary "PCT Detour" signs.  The trail is 
brushy in parts, steep in places, narrow and sliding away in other parts, 
but also has some very nice sections with good trail in shady forests.  We 
saw work crews out there, so we hope the trail will be in better shape by 
the time the main group of thru hikers gets there.  At this time 
(mid-August) the Napeequa River was running swiftly and strongly, about 
knee-deep in the early morning and about mid-thigh in the late afternoon 
(when we returned from High Pass to cross it again.)  I am 5'4" tall, so you 
might get an idea of the depth it was for me.  I would say that the river is 
about 20 feet across (guessing).  There is a good camp in the woods for 
North-bounders just before the Napeequa River, but no good camp on the other 
side unless you continue along the trail for awhile.  If anyone is 
interested in going to High Pass, you can e-mail me off list and I will give 
you tips.

Happy Hiking!