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[pct-l] Fanny packs

I did 177 miles on the JMT with a fanny pack and was unable to find one 
much less than 1 lb.  The reason being that since I was running alot of 
the time, I wanted one that controlled the bouncing and thus had a 
fairly good suspesion system.  I will be attempting a similar fastpack 
of the JMT in two weeks and have abandoned the fanny pack idea because 
it is just too uncomfortable and doesn't carry the load as well as a 
regular pack.  ...just my opinion.

> I just thought that I'd pose a gear question, as
> nobody seems to look for or recommend ultralight fanny
> (bum) packs. I always use one when long distance
> hiking, to keep my camera in; together with other
> small things like compass, water purifier, pocket
> knife etc.
> My current one weighs in at 3.7 oz and I was wondering
> if anyone has found one with 2 compartments which is
> lighter ? Considering that my new backpack (Fantatic
> Fringe Thompson Peak) weighs only 9.14 oz; I'm sure it
> must be possible to find a fanny pack weighing less
> than 3.7 oz !!
> Daryl
> PCT '02
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