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[pct-l] Correct Spelling of Tuolumne (was RE: stoves)

> `Tulomne` Tul O men knee

Above is not the correct spelling of "Tuolumne".  and IMO, its not the 
correct pronunciation either.  I've always heard it pronounced: too-ol-
um-nee, and some people leave out the "n" and just say too-ol-um-ee.

Concerning stoves, I am not sure about the coupling of the gas 
cannisters and if its the same in the US and Europe.  However, I can 
tell you that it is harder to find those cannisters along the PCT, than 
it is to find white gas.  If you want the easiest solution for a stove 
on the PCT, then get one of the MSR Triple Fuel stoves that can use 
White Gas, Unleaded Gasoline, and/or Kerosine.  You will nearly always 
be able to find one of those along the PCT.


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