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[pct-l] Two quick questions about...


I have been using them for about 5 years and have bad knees.  I can still
walk, and completed a thruhike with them.  I am very careful about how I use
my knees(use poles, go slowly downhill, limit downhill elevations losses as
much as possible, rest when they get inflamed, take Aleve, ice them in snow
banks, walk backward now and them, step sideways downhill, make my own
switchbacks, take smaller steps, come down softer on my heels, use snow
downhill anytime I can, don't run, and anything else to limit the pain in my
knees) - so I am not sure it is the superfeet.

If you limit your knee remedies to one hope, good luck!

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> ..Superfeet.
> 1) Has anyone on the list used them?
> 2) If so, did it help to diminish knee pain?
> Thanks, Squatch
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