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[pct-l] Base weight Sect Hike Cascades

Getting ready for my Southbound section Hike between Smith Pass and Timberline Lodge.  370 miles in two weeks starting Aug 23rd and ending Sept 7th.  This is my first longer than a weekend solo hike and my first hike leaning towards ultra light.  My baseweight is down to just under 17 lbs - including pack (Golite Race), tent (Eureka Solitair), 15 degree sleeping bag (Big Agnes), pad (Big Agnes), stove, headlamp, Frogtoggs, 1st aid kit, and kitchen and disposables - like fuel, sunscreen, deet, aqua mira.  I then have in reality close to 3 lbs in camara gear so it brings it closer to 20.  Only place that I could skimp with out costing two arms and a leg would be in my kitchen.  Was hoping to get it closer to 15 but I guess not this trip.  Did notice that some of the advertised weight are bogus or missleading.  For instance my tent claims to by 2    9 but that is without stakes and strings and bag.  And the .9 is 9/10 of a lbs but the package makes it look like 9 oz.  O well everyone
 needs to make a buck.
Duane - Shutterbug

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