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[pct-l] Washington State Weather.

A short time ago someone posted an inquiry concerning the forecasted 
weather for the North Cascades in Washington State. Although I am not an 
meteorologist and do not pretend to be, I can tell about the recent 
weather conditions in Washington State. To begin with, Washington has 
been experiencing some very dry weather conditions, with very little 
rainfall and record shattering temperatures for the number of 'Hot' day 
for the month of July and so far the month of August. Otherwise, it has 
been dry and hot. As my backyard can testify too and also the golf 
fairways I am accustomed to zig zagging across. But, all of that does 
not stop me from getting up into the wilderness.

So if I was to forecast the weather, I would say, "Expect dry and hot. 
Even through the month of September." Pretty much the same as it was 
last year. But to be on the fair side, there is an old saying in 
Washington State, "If you don't like the weather, wait twenty minutes 
and it will change." And that is a true axiom for the North Cascades. So 
it is best to be prepared for it, just in case the skies open up on you 
much in the same way as a water bucket carrying helicopter, fighting a 
forest fire. Just like some other mountains, the North Cascades can 
develop its on weather system and quickly I might add. It is easy to be 
caught in a thunderstorm and it is easy to be with in its danger zone. 
Which some say is thirty seconds from lighting to the sound of thunder. 
I know what I speak of. I have been with in four seconds of that time 

So my best advise and this is what I relay on. If you have a barometer, 
us it and believe in it! Mark your readings down so that you will know 
when a change is coming upon you. If you don't have a barometer, buy 
one. If its too late for that, well then enjoy your trip. After all, it 
is all part of the wilderness experience.

My mind not only wanders; sometimes it leaves completely. 
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