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[pct-l] Class of 2005 Crossing Snoqualmie Pass

WOW!  I agree that any '05 hikers that finish in Aug. '04 would certainly be
well ahead of the remainder of their class.


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> Yesterday, Friday the 13th, I took a day hike on the PCT north of
> Pass, where I encountered advance elements of the Class of 2005. I saw
> Pepper, Nacho and Squeeky, who all looked in great shape and were getting
> ready for their final push to Canada. They said they thought they were the
> first in the class to get this far. They were certain to finish before the
> end of the month, despite the rigors of the detour around the western side
> of Glacier Peak. The trail telegraph had already spread word to them that
> "sucks," with a lot of rough trail, steep grades and brush.
> By the way, there is trail work going on north of Snoqualmie Pass between
> Ridge Lake and Lemah Creek.  Signs posted at the trailhead warned the
> sections of the trail may be closed for 15-30 minutes due to blasting and
> other trial maitenance work.
> Tom
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