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[pct-l] Cascade Locks

Got a call yesterday about 5:30 PM from Cathy of Cathy and Kent (I didn't get Cathy's trailname, Kent is Pathfinder) and cruised out to Cascade Locks to pick them up along with Pi aka Matt for a quick ride into the Portland REI so Cathy could, uh, reboot and Pi could replace hiking pole tips. Got them back to C. Locks around 9:30. Met Lord Tea aka Richard aka Rik, Tall Paul and a couple more whose names I did not get (sorry, I'm nearly deaf, so getting names right is not my strong suit). Pickle, Grease Pot and Garlic Man and others are in town.  The concensus is that there are many more thru-hikers not far behind.  I'll be hiking the Eagle Creek Trail tomorrow.

By the way, the guy in Stanislaus NF forcing people to pick up their litter at gun point certainly supports the old theory that an armed society is a polite society. Leave No Trace, or else!