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[pct-l] RE: pct-l Digest, Vol 16, Issue 13

What is everyone's opinion about those sealer/vacuum machines for bags that 
you can buy at SAMs and other stores.  I saw a demo today and it looks 
interesting for backpacking foods.  But I have heard that for resupply boxes
they will 
leak eventually.  May be they would be good for general backpacking and not 
for long term use.  I think the kit at SAMs was $100 and the extra bags box
$30.  Probably the best buy around.  Thanks, Switchback


I bought a vacuum seal machine at Sams Club several years ago and have been
very happy with it; at least in my kitchen.  I have been using it frequently
since I bought it, several times a week on average, and it still works fine.
The bags are expensive but I wash and re-use the bags about 4-5 times before
I throw them away.  I have had a few bags lose vacuum in the freezer, but I
attribute that to operator error and using worn out bags, and I think if a
person uses new bags and is careful about keeping the bag clean at the top
where it seals that won't happen very often.  I haven't used the system for
backpacking applications though, so I can't comment on that.

John Coyle