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[pct-l] Sealing Machines

I think the real expensive ones ($$?) produce a hermetic seal and can
greatly extend the shelf life of foods-- especially dehydrated foods. I am
also in the market but haven't done the research so I'll just repeat your
general query here.
 Along similar lines, I am pretty sure I'll be investing in both a quality
dehydrator and one of those vacuum-seal machines. I would be interested in
whether anyone has set up a system, specifically to dry and seal their
backpacking pantry items. hat do you think?-- well worth the investment of
money and time?
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> What is everyone's opinion about those sealer/vacuum machines for bags
> you can buy at SAMs and other stores.  I saw a demo today and it looks
> interesting for backpacking foods.  But I have heard that for resupply
boxes they will
> leak eventually.  May be they would be good for general backpacking and
> for long term use.  I think the kit at SAMs was $100 and the extra bags
box was
> $30.  Probably the best buy around.  Thanks, Switchback
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