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[pct-l] Happy to announce...

Congrats! Let us know when you have the dates and show times... I would 
love to see the film and will certainly represent in O-town.

Terra Sullivan
Future ('05) PCT-er/film buff/listserv lurker/proud Olympian

On Aug 9, 2004, at 3:54 PM, Scott Herriott wrote:

> ...that the documentary "Walk" I shot last year  just
> got accepted into the Malibu Film Festival along with
> the Olympia Film Festival up in Washington.  Special
> thanks again to all on this list who took part and
> made it such a joy to shoot... including Strider,
> Donna Saufley, Fallingwater, Mad Monte, Roy Robinson,
> Walking Larry, the Davisons (and their llama) and
> anyone else I may be forgetting.  Copies are still
> available for $15 at www.walkpct.com.
> Thanks again, Squatch
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