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[pct-l] Snow along the Southern JMT?

I was there the end of July.  The northern slope of Forester was
snow-free, (on the trail) and There was one 50' section of snow bisected
by the trail, (the trail was free of snow) near the top of Whitney.
Nothing to worry about!!  After seeing the north side of Forrester I can
imagine the troubles that snow near the top could cause - Definately a
"high pucker factor"!


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:Has anyone on this list been on the southern JMT, between
:Mather Pass and
:Mt. Whitney in the past couple of weeks?
:I'm concerned by reports I read on TrailJournals.com about significant
:snow on the northern slope of Forester Pass and on the Whitney
:trail. Can
:anyone offer any, more recent updates?
:I plan to pass through there going southbound in about two weeks and am
:trying to decide whether to take something like instep crampons or
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