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[pct-l] The Big Picture!!!

 I sometimes carry my Bronica SQ-Ai on dayhikes, but I
don't think I'll carry it in the backcountry. It's a
tank! Probably 4.5 pounds for the camera and
waist-level finder and 2 lenses. And of course, you
need the burlier tripod to support it.

 Most of the time, I'm satisfied with the results from
my Canon system.. Of course, I work in a photo lab, so
I don't have to pay for processing. That's always a
nice bonus.. 

--- Ilja Friedel <ilja@cs.caltech.edu> wrote:

> Hi Monte,
> I agree. When I'm in the mood I carry a Rolleicord
> (the small brother of 
> the Rolleiflex) from 1954. The 'cord IV is quite
> nice (optics) and much 
> cheaper than the latter models (about USD 40 when
> lucky to USD 200 for a 
> perfect piece with shade). The camera weights only
> 24 ounces and with bag, 
> film, light meter and some filters less than 3
> pounds. Damn ultralighters!
> Ilja.
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