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[pct-l] The Big Picture!!!

 If you want the big picture , you need a big camera!! Actually I am have a great time with bargain basement old school Box ( Brownies??!!) and Twin Reflex Lens cameras from the 50's which take 620 and 120 film. The negative is 3.6 times larger than a 35 mm and blow ups make you look the Ansel Adams little brother!! I look a picute on Rainer a few weeks ago that I had done to a 22" by 28" Black and white , then took it to kinko's and had them foam back it for 15 bucks. It is a masterpiece!!
   35mm and today's digi camera can't match these for blow ups and the " Retro " look is back! GO online to google in Matt's Cameras for good info on rangefielders and others. You will see your old camera there as well.
   Try to find a medium format camera than uses 120 film. ( Which is same as 620 only on a slightly larger spool which they still sell) If you buy a camera that uses 620 film, it is still OK but you must reroll it from your 120 film spool to a 620 spool.  Your next trip you owe it to yourself to shoot Black and White with a medium format camera!!! Good luck,, Mad Monte