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[pct-l] Re: Mt. Adams fire

A good place to track current fires is the National Interagency Fire

Although they don't list one currently near Mount Adams.  

The Gifford Pinchot Nat'l Forest site, however, does:

Let's hope they got this one out this weekend, we're expecting a 100
deree day here in the Portland area.


(Dated 3 days ago)
McDonald Fire Complex (Mt. Adams Ranger District)
August 6, 2004 - 1400 Hours PDT (2 p.m.) - Wednesday evening, a
lightning storm passed through the Mt. Adams area on the Gifford
Pinchot National Forest, igniting approximately five fires just south
of Mt. Adams. This group of fires is being called the McDonald Complex.
The fires have closed access to the popular South Climbing route on Mt.

Currently the fires are burning in an unroaded, semi-primitive area,
outside of the Mt. Adams Wilderness Area. No homes or structures are

The town of Trout Lake is approximately 10 miles south of the fires.
The largest fire is burning at the 5,500 foot elevation on Mt. Adams
and is currently approximately 100 acres in size. 

The fire is fueled by dense forested conditions, including snags, dead
timber and heavy fuels. 

Approximately 120 firefighters are on the fire line and are being
supported by 1 helicopter with water dropping capabilities and a water
tender. Additional resources have been ordered including fallers. Crews
are continuing to construct fire line on the south end of the fire. A
large number of snags are being felled which is slowing progress of
line construction.

A Type 3 Incident Management Team is currently managing the fire. 

Forest Road 8040, accessing the Cold Springs Area, is currently closed
to public access one mile south of the Wicky Creek Shelter. Access to
the South Climbing route on Mount Adams is closed along with the
trailheads and campgrounds listed below.

The area of the fire is experiencing cooler weather today with higher
humidity and light rain which is helping crews make progress on the
fire. Warmer and dryer weather is forecasted for this weekend.

For additional information please contact Gala Miller, 509-395-3430 or
Roger Peterson 360-891-5007.

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> Curious how I could get more information on these fires and potential
> PCT closure specifically in Southern Washington and Northern OR.  I
> am planning a Skykomish - Timberline hike from August 23rd - Sept 8th
> and hope that these fires will not impede my plans or cause too much
> stress.
> Also curious as to why all has been quiet the last few days --- maybe
> we should talk about BEAR CONTAINERS again or CANINES on the TRAIL.
> Duane - shutterbug

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