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[pct-l] 20 mile days

Hi Jeff I just got in from a week of scout camp in the San Bernardino
Mountains, So Cal. on the 26th of this month a friend of mine and I are
going to do the I-10 to Mission creek (no its not closed, I checked) I weigh
250lbs and am 60yrs old. I am slow and I know that this will take a lot out
of me. The last two sections I did in June with my grandkids. I usually do
about 15 a day but have done 22 in good areas. Yes I need to lose 50lbs but
it is very hard. I have lost 18lbs in the last year. I'll keep going until I
reach Canada, that's all there is to it, in sections that is.   Ground
Pounder Bill
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> I want to thank all of you for your thoughts, advice, experiences, support
> and caring.  A really wonderful response!
> I've hiked half the pct and a quarter of the cdt, but never got beyond 15
> mpd average.  I can see beyond that now.  You all are inspiring!!!
> Jeff...
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