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[pct-l] This year's crop of gut problems

Without an accurante "poops-per-mile" data set how
can we tell squat if this is accurate skinny or just pure c#@*?

---ibid "How To Shit in The Woods"  page 32.



 3:58 PM -0000 8/7/04, Eckert wrote:
>As an addicted journal reader, it seems to me that this years batch of
>thru hikers have written more reports of intestinal distress than
>previous years.  It might be that the journalists this year are more
>open, but I don't think that's necessarily the case.  I've been reading
>reports of fever, and nausea, aching joints, as well as the traditional
>The journals mentioning this kind of ailment seem to be dated between
>Mammoth and Etna.  There have been reports from LaundroMat, Rev.Gizmo
>(giving reports on Amber,  and Right On), Germanator, Popsickle, and
>Iceman, and a few others.
>Does this seem excessive to those of you who have completed a through hike?
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