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[pct-l] 20 mile days

--- Jeff Olson <jjolson@uwyo.edu> wrote:

> The fellow who had done a lot of planning sounded
> like he was in the right frame of mind/body to
successfully complete a thruhike.

Dwight Eisenhower said something like: "Planning is
essential.  The plans themselves are useless."  My
hike was consistent with that.  Stuff happens.  I thru
hiked at age 60 with a base weight of eighteen pounds
or so.  You too can do it.  Here are some simple
things that I learned along the way.

Your first step on the PCT will be the hardest.

Your fitness will also affect your enjoyment, not just
your mileage.  Getting there is worth the effort.  

Stretch several times daily, starting now.

Start out slowly.  Fifteen miles per day is enough
when you first get going.  You'll be able to hike
longer miles further along, and they'll be easier.

Hike each day with the body you brought.

Hike the PCT you're on that day.

Accept the weather as is comes.  Almost every type of
weather will happen to you before it's over.

Stay in the present.

Eat the heavy food first.

Afterwards, the bad weather, discomforts, injuries,
bugs, heat, cold, elevation changes, all of it, will
be only vague detail.  You can do this, Jeff.

Larry H

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