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[pct-l] 20 mile days

> If a 160 lb hiker and 200 lb hiker both carry a 40 lb
> pack, the pack weight is 25% of the 160 lb hiker's body weight but only
> 20% of the 200 lb hiker's body weight. This translates to a smaller %
> extra burden for the heavier hiker's muscles.

I think this depends on what the hiker's body weight is versus what it
should be. Some of the various rules of thumb about pack weight/body weight
ratios include a provision that excess body weight should be subtracted from
the pack weight you can carry. For example, if the two hikers in the example
given are identical, except one is overweight, and the pack weight goal is
25% of body weight, then the 160 lb hiker can carry 160 * 25% = 40 lbs but
the 200 lb hiker can carry 200 * 25% - 40 = zero lbs! In other words, excess
body weight is just more weight you are carrying.

Who could lose a few