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[pct-l] looking for sunglasses recommendations

as far as shapes/styles of frames, I think there is sufficient variety 
in the shape of people's heads that recommending a single style of 
sunglasses really wouldn't work.

However, there are also a variety of lenses out there and that is 
something I've been wondering about also. From what I have seen, there 
are basically two choices you have to make:
1.  polarized or non-polarized lenses, and
2.  lens color.

I have heard that polarized lenses mess with your depth perception and 
are therefore not the best selection for hiking.  Others say that 
polarized lenses don't mess with your depth perception and cut glare 
quite a bit and are therefore preferred for most uses.

With lens color, there is also confusion.  You basically have to choose 
between a grey/charcoal color or a brown/rose color.  Supposedly, the 
grey/charcoal lenses do the best job at seeing colors as they really 
are.  All other lens colors supposedly distort the colors in some way.  
Apparently photographers like grey/charcoal lenses on sunglasses 
because it allows them to see more accurately how the colors truly 
look.  The brown/rose colored lenses are supposed to be better for 
moving in and out of shadows, which is why you see that color so often 
with snow skiing glasses and goggles.  Supposedly, they allow your eyes 
to adjust more quickly to the variance in light. This would seem to 
suggest that they would be ideal for hiking in trees.

lastly, I just want to say that I don't really know what I am talking 
about.  most of what I wrote above was based on what the guy at the 
sunglass store told me and/or the little bit that I've read on sunglass 
manufacturers' websites.

If anyone else has more info on this or first-hand experience, I'd be 
curious to see what you have to offer.


> hi all-
> i'm hiking the jmt in sept. does anyone out there have any specific
> recommendations for a pair of sunglasses? apart from uv protection, my
> main concerns are to get something very lightweight and that won't fog
> up when i get hot/sweaty. i know, the best plan is to just go out and
> try on a bunch of them, but before i do that i just figured i'd at
> least ask to see if anyone on the list is just *crazy* about a
> particular make/model. i'm prepared to splurge if i have to, but at
> the same time i don't want to fall victim to the "it's expensive, so
> it MUST be good" thing.
> thanks in advance!
> pea
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