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[pct-l] 20 mile days (or at least 15 a day for those over 55)

I'm 58 and will be starting from Tuolumne on the 26th and end at Donner 
Summit 14-days and 220-miles later.  If I lose any weight it'll be 
because of my stinginess in carrying more than 1 1/2 lbs of food a day.  
Two pre-sent resupplies.  I'm 6'2" 190-lbs.  My base weight before food, 
fuel and water is 10.2-lbs. plus clothing and poles.   I carry my water 
in liter and a half bottles in my Sahara pants pockets; reduces shoulder 
wear.  Finally decided the PUR Hiker was better weightwise than 2-part 
Chlorine due to having to carry the water while waiting for the 
chemicals to get rid of the beasties.  I think it was Ken Powers that 
took those blinders off.

Eric Yakel wrote:

>Hey Jeff:
>We've talked before.  Hang in there buddy, I'll be 50 in a month.  I
>am training for next years thru hike from a somewhat sedentary job,
>COP.  I have been hiking 15-20 miles once a week  now for the past
>two years.  My muscle tone has improved dramatically and since I've done
>things gradually I have not had any problems with feet, knees, or other
>areas.  I'm 510 and weigh about 188 right now.  I figure to lose an
>additional 20 lbs. on the hike.
>I did a "shakedown" hike two weeks ago on a section of the PCT near my
>house section B California.