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[pct-l] 20 mile days

 Your email was full of numbers... are you a statistician trying to find
where on the curve you lie? Do it on your own terms... I've read a few
threads from your email and you will receive lots of support and suggestions
here. But there is one thing that stood out in your email and I must
respond. You are taking care of your aging mother, but you referred to
yourself as not having a life. This even seemed to be your motivation for
hiking. Step one: realize that you have a gift there, not a burden. I'm in
the same situation. Make the best of your time now and everything else will
fall into place by comparison.

>>..I spent 6 weeks taking care of my mom when she was in a
wheelchair/hospital bed this summer.  I went up into Annadelle State Park at
the edge of Santa Rosa, CA almost every day and hiked off the sense of not
having a life...