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[pct-l] 20 mile days

Jeffrey - I am not sure how realistic it is to expect to be in that 
kind of shape in one month, but its totally possible to get there 
eventually.  I just finished the PCT 50 mile trail run and there was at 
least 15 people who finished the race who were over 50, and several of 
those were over 60.

Granted, these guys were not planning on running or hiking the next 
day, but you get the picture.  As long as you are fortunate enough to 
avoid serious injury, you can get into whatever kind of shape you 
want.  The only thing limiting you is what you believe you can do.

You mentioned that your knee causes pain.  This may prevent you from 
pushing yourself enough to get the muscles in shape, but only you will 
know that.  You are correct, losing weight will certainly help.

As far as streching goes, I would also recommend Yoga.  I am about as 
tight as they come and Yoga has helped me.  Another thing that has 
really helped is a Physical Therapist.  She was able to show me new 
ways to stretch and was able to tell me exactly where I neede dto 
stretch most.  

In addition, the PT did something called the Graston Technique on me, 
which really helped to losen the tight muscles and fibrotic connective 
tissue.  If you can find someone who does it, I recomend giving it a 



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